WINNER of the “Artist of the Year” Award!

WINNER of the ARTIST OF THE YEAR, San Diego Music Award!

Thank YOU San Diego!! We appreciate your ongoing support 🙏

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The 26th San Diego Music Awards • Tuesday, March 21, 2017


The following are the winners of the 2017 San Diego Music Awards, presented on Tuesday, March 21 at House of Blues San Diego.

Best Singer/Songwriter – Tolan Shaw
Best Jazz – Gilbert Castellanos
Best Jazz Album – Nathan Hubbard “Furiously Dreaming”
Best Blues – Whitney Shay
Best Blues Album – John Meeks “On a Sea Darkly”
Best Country or Americana – The Moves Collective
Best Country or Americana Album – Trouble in the Wind “Lefty”
Best Hip Hop/Rap – The Lyrical Groove
Best Hip Hop or Rap Album – The Knee Highs “We Put the Fun in Dysfunction”
Best Indie/Alternative – The Bassics
Best Indie/Alternative Album – The Verigolds “For Margaret”
Best Pop – Sister Speak
Best Pop or Rock Album – The Donkeys “Midnight Palms”
Best Rock – Schizophonics
Best World Music – Tribal Theory
Best World Music Album – Hirie “Wandering Soul”
Best Local Recording – Sure Fire Soul Ensemble “Out on the Coast”
Best Live Performer – Rebecca Jade & the Cold Fact
Best New Artist – Skyterra
Artist of the Year – Tribal Seeds
Song of the Year – Switchfoot “Float”
Album of the Year – Andra Day “Cheers to the Fall”

Lifetime Achievement Award – Wayne Riker